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Maximize your body’s full potential by paying attention to your sleep health. At Sleep Tight Beds, our goal is to  provide you with a relaxing, sleep-inducing environment with the help of our highly trained sales and sleep specialists.

We know that purchasing a bed is a big investment and we want you to get the best advice. Our specialist advice team will guarantee you the best product for your budget and needs. Sleep Tight Beds has a complete collection of bedroom essentials. We have everything you need to build your most ideal sleep sanctuary.

We offer different kinds of sleep technology and bedding solutions that make your sleep more restful and energy-giving. With the help of our highly trained specialists, you will be guided through the purchase process to ensure that you’re buying the right product. Here at Sleep Tight Beds, we believe that everyone deserves a good night sleep. Sleep Tight Beds are offering a 30-night purchase guarantee. With this option, you are able to reselect a product from the same range should you find the original purchase unfit for you. Terms and Conditions apply.

While we’re all about comfort here at Sleep Tight Beds, we also want our customers to have stylish well-designed pieces that will fit perfectly with their interiors. With a robust and ever-growing collection to choose from, we’re confident we can help create the perfect sleep sanctuary for your home.

Sleep Tight Beds is New Zealand’s most trusted bed retailer with their exemplary customer service and large selection of quality sleep specialized beds offered at the most affordable price.  We are invested in making your shopping experience simple and stress-free. Sleep Tight Beds are offering multiple finance options which will allow customers to pay using their preferred method. Sleep Tight Beds will be able to cater to the customers’ needs without restricting them to using one store card option.

We’re dedicated to providing specialist advice for the sleep conscious customer. We sell a variety of bedding essentials, furniture, and mattresses – everything to make your bedroom the most ideal sleep haven.


Discover the difference a bed from Sleep Tight Beds could make to your life! Visit us in store and speak to one of our Sleep Specialists today.


If you are looking for a new mattress that provides comfort, support and helps you get a good nights sleep, you are in the right place.

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